13th Edition of DJ memorial Photography Contest

13th Edition of DJ Memorial Photography Contest 2024

Rules & Regulations

By entering the 13th edition of DJ Memorial Photography Contest 2024 (DJMPC), It is the responsibility of each entrant into the contest to ensure that they have read and will abide by these Rules.




  • Entrant is the sole copyright owner and creator of the image.
  • The submitted image(s) does not infringe on the ownership and copyright of other individuals, organisations, entity, etc.
  • The Entrant agrees to maintain and uphold the highest ethical standards in all matters relating to the Contest and his/her submission(s)
  • Entrants do not disclose information that is confidential that might damage the reputation of the Contest.
  • The Entrant gives full rights for the organiser to use the images for their promotional activities, corporate brochures, calendar etc. Due acknowledgment of the photographer's name will be mentioned for the images that are used by the Owners of the Competition.
  • All images submitted will compulsorily need to be Titled. Any submission that have no title or labelled as “untitled” will be disqualified.
  • The only mode of communication will be through e-mail. Therefore, please mention your current and valid email ID, Mobile No and full postal address in your entry.
  • Any entry found not to comply with the Rules at any stage of the Contest may be disqualified.
  • All submissions for the contest have to be made only by an online entry at www.djmpc.in. All relevant particulars as asked for in the online portal have to be filled in.
  • Entries are only accepted in digital format.
  • If there is dispute of any kind, the decision of the juries will be final and binding on all concerned. All disputes will be subject to Coimbatore jurisdiction.
  • The Organizers shall not be held responsible for non-performance and any obligation cast on them by these rules due to the occurrence of any force-majeure event including any act of God, civil commotion, natural calamity and any other happening, which the Organizers cannot reasonably prevent or control.
  • Submissions where the following are “not permitted” :
  • Featuring farm birds, family pets, nesting birds, caged birds, captive / domestic animals
  • Captured with any human intervention and/or un-natural / manmade objects, structures, etc.
  • Trap camera images are not accepted
  • Images that have already been awarded any prize, certificate of merit, display selection or other awards in the previous editions of DJMPC.


  • Up to 4 images per theme and per entrant (Total 8 images) are allowed.
  • Submissions must be in digital format only. Black and White images are also allowed for entry.
  • For all categories, digital files must be submitted only in JPEG format, saved at a highest quality setting.
  • Colour space in either sRGB OR Adobe RGB.
  • At 1920 pixels along the longest dimension.
  • No borders, watermarks or signatures should be included.
  • Colour space of images entered to be set to either sRGB OR Adobe RGB
  • Do not use any form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools for cloning, adding / removing any subject in the image. Only dust spots may be removed.
  • File size can be maximum of up-to 10 MB
  • Digital adjustments including tone and contrast, burning, dodging, cropping, sharpening, noise reduction, minor cleaning work are permitted provided that they comply with the Competitions’ principles of authenticity, so that they do not deceive the viewer or misrepresent the reality of nature.
  • Adding, cloning and/or removing objects, animals or parts of animals, plants, people etc are not allowed.
  • Entrants should not include their name in the caption or on the image captured. EXIF details like camera and lens specifications, exposure information should be kept intact.
  • Stitched Panorama and focus stacked images are only allowed in the “NatureScapes” category
  • Entrants whose work has been shortlisted will be required to provide the following for authentication purposes :
  • RAW files (eg .CR2, .NEF etc)
  • High Resolution TIFF / tif.
  • If selected for Prize OR exhibition display, High resolution TIFF files are required (soft copy) for printing at maximum resolution, and match the colour and cropping of the JPEG file submitted for online entry. Please do not upscale the image. Files must not exceed 100MB.
  • Any stitched panorama or focus staked images is shortlisted, then all the RAW and HiRes image are to be submitted for authentication.
  • Any shortlisted entrant who fails to submit the required High Resolution and the RAW files will have their image disqualified from the contest.